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About us

Satya Electrocom is an original equipment manufacturer,with capabilities of design and manufacture of electrical metering, telecom and industrial automation electronic systems used in global infrastructure equipments.

Satya Electrocom empowers major companies with valuable information and detailed system data to create a smarter and better solution.

Satya Electrocom has provided hardware and software solutions for top clients in telecommunication, process control and energy management industries that have been successfully installed and deployed.

Satya Electrocom Private limited, Established in 2010, is already a pioneer in the field of embedded automation technology. Satya Electrocom through its continuous aspirations has developed products that are a revelation to the telecommunications, electrical control and energy industries.

With confident strides in the automation industry Satya Electrocom is looking forward to lead the Global markets. With its range of Digital Panel meters, Auto Mains Failure controllers, GSM/GPRS modems Satya Electrocom can easily cater to industries requiring automation solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading provider of embedded system solutions in relevant markets, in order to provide maximum value to our stakeholders.

Leap ahead - these two words drive focus at Satya Electrocom. Our job is to find and drive the next leap ahead – in technology, education, culture, social responsibility, manufacturing and more – to continuously encourage our customers, partner consumers and businesses to join us, as we continue to take exciting leaps forward.

In the end, it's not just about making technology faster, smarter, and cheaper — it's about using that technology to make life better, richer and more convenient for everyone it touches.

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