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Satya Electrocom is an original equipment manufacturer, with capabilties of design and manufacture of electrical metering, telecom and industrial electronics system used in global infrastructure equipments.

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Our Solutions

Metering Products (Introduction)


➢ Micro-controller based meters with low VA burden.

➢ Password Protected

➢ True RMS measurement of parameters.

➢ Wiring type Programmable-Star/Delta.

➢ Auto Scalling of parameter Values.

➢ Auto/Manoual Scrolling of parameters.

➢ Easy Programming with push buttons on front facia.

➢ Auxiliary power supply: 90 to 300 V AC (Other supply voltages on demand)

➢ RS-485 option available on demand.

➢ Size: 96mmX96mmX65mm(Depth)

➢ Panel Output: 902X902mm.

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