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➢ GSM/GPRS/GPS Based Products ➢



➺ Ready to use GPS Solution Comprising of RS-232 and USB interface for easy interfacing with all micro controllers and computers.

➺ The modem works on based rate of 9600 & supports standard NMEA-0813 Protocol.

➺ GGA,GSA,GLL,GSV,RMC,ZDA,VTG formats will be displayed on the computer screen.

➺ Operating Voltage:5 to 27 V DC.

➺ The GPS modem is ideal for GPS clocks,vehicle tracking systems, navigation equipments.



➺ This Modem provides wireless coonectivity to almost anything and everything using the GSM/GPRS technology.

➺ The Modem Contains:

(a) RS-232 C Interface for serial connectivity.(Helps in remote monitoring & control of various intelligent electronic devices).

(b) RJ -11 for audio communication

(c)An external antenna interface for better connectivity of GSM/GPRS signals

➺ Operating Voltage : 9 to 32V DC(6V to 60V DC or 150-270V AC also available as optional).

➺ The Modem is ideal for all industrial automation process,automated meter reading(AMR),remote pump control,moving message display,fire alarm systems.



➺ This power full solution is capable of connecting to all your devices communicating using the modbus protocol.

➺ It can send SMS Alerts & direct your data to central server where monitoring & control of the device is possible

➺ It can connect upto 48 devices at once using its RS-485 interface.

➺ Operating voltage:6V to 60 V DC.

➺ Server IP can be configured via SMS.

➺ Phone numbers on which the alerts have to be sent can be configured using SMS.

➺ Data refresh time is also configurable through SMS.

GSM Monitors

The GSM Monitors is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates switching of remote equipment, car parking system. Actually the GSM Monitor can be used in laces which requires turning ON/OFF your system, machines & equipments, remotely with a SMS text from your mobile and protect your assets.

More over, the GSM monitor is equipped with 2/4/8 digital inputs, when any one of the input is triggerd, it will start the siren or switch on the light automatically.

Meanwhile, the GSM Monitor will send SMS Alert to the owners immediately. This is very useful if you need to protect assets with low cost solutions.

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